Friday, August 12, 2011


The famous web browser from google , "GOOGLE CHROME" is going to rock again by improving the web platform of google chrome. And this improvement will help developers to build powerful and superb apps and games for web.such as "Native Client" and "Web audio API"

Native Client allows C and C++ code to be seamlessly executed inside the browser with security restrictions similar to JavaScript.Native Client apps use Pepper, a set of interfaces that provide C and C++ bindings to the capabilities of HTML5. As a result, developers can now leverage their native code libraries and expertise to deliver portable, high performance web apps.

It is the feature which gives higher and great audio capabilities to the web, such as the audio effects as room simulation and spatialization. And it will help the developers to give superb interactive sound capabilities to their apps and also to the games.

And i am sure that these awesome integrations will increase the number users of "google chrome"