Sunday, August 14, 2011

                                 Windows, now its the another synonym for operating systems. And each one person use computer , would know about windows and its owner bill gates. windows is one of the favourite operating systems among the world. So windows started hardworking to get their popularity in mobile field too. But till this moment the hard work hasn't fulfilled. Windows had developed a mobile operating system named 'WINDOWS CE' in the middle of 1990, And it was used in some personal digital assistants and palmtops. But this OS was used for a little time. After this fall windows didn't made any attempt in mobile platforms and mobile operating systems.After a long break Windows introduced a new mobile platform named 'WINDOWS PHONE 7'. As usual this platform didn't get a chance to become a star in mobile platforms. Because in that time apple and Google introduced their smart phones and brought them a stardom.

                                             But now windows  is gonna rock with their windows phone 7 which corporates with NOKIA . And IDC says that "Windows phone 7 that may be published in the last of 2011 with OS 'mango' will be famous in very small time. And it will bring the 2nd place in mobile phones for windows.". This prediction also cheer ups windows in Mobile field. There are so many features which makes windows the assurance of tomorrows mobile.

                                                                       GREAT PARTNER:NOKIA
                                                                                             The great corporation between nokia and Microsoft will be a great one, that's sure. The reliability of nokia and Microsoft will become strong through this integration.And if the windows phone is being popular in sometime there will be a lots of companies for their software&apps development and improvement.And it will make windows higher and higher

                    CLOUD! MAKES GREAT
cloud computing Cloud computing has become an popular technology in web , now. And windows is going to integrate cloud computing too to their smart phone platform. Other companies such as apple,google has also integrated cloud services in their phone. But in the case of apple i-phone, we should have a mac book to interlinking of data between our personal computer and smart phone. And this service will not be available if we are using a windows based PC. So windows phone will also help , who want to interlink their data between PC and smart phone.

                                                          The new windows phone 7 is being very easier to use through its simple but great user interface that is present in windows based personal computers.
                                                             The collection of apps in windows is very neglectful when comparing to google and apple. But windows is ready to go in a different way, they are developing apps which can be used by small children too. also as the windows programmes.
example:   people hub is a main app present in windows phone using this app we can know their details, contact numbers, and their location too, this is done by twitter face book integration. All apps present in windows phone 7 is very attractive.

Like these feature windows phone 7 is gonna rock in the smart phone field. And sure that this phone will bring a great position for Microsoft windows. But till this moment windows has never announced the releasing date of windows phone 7.