Tuesday, August 9, 2011

 It is the bad time for facebook and twitter in India
                                                                                                                   Yes, you all know the new law of IT has been announced in India. according to this law all we service providers such as mail servers,social network sites should submit thee data including their all user ID's and all passwords to the special committee by indian govt. .But all sites including facebook and twitter is not ready to give the data because of the fear about the misuse of data and the protection of privacy of website users.


                                                                                   Indian govt. has told the indian telecommunication section to collect the data from various websites. Twitter and Facebook is one of the website which is in 10 favourit websites in India. So this action and order will affect facebook's and twitter's usage in India. There is a small chance to ban the websites due to  the doubt thatdecrease terrorism and problem's planning and communication through these website.
                                                                                              But according to the privacy policy and rules of twitter they dont have to give the data without the order from the court. So they are asking the govt. about this court order. Anyway it will badly effect twitter and facebook surely if the IT act is gonna be done fully.