Sunday, September 23, 2012

  Today's Technology has finally reached up to the Mount Everest, expected to be top of our Earth. Yeah, tourists reaching Mount Everest can now make video calls directly from there. This is due to the station installed by a Chinese company at a height of 5600 Meters from the Ground.

 General Manager of the Chinese company added that many tourists complained that they're not able to make calls while travelling to Everest and added that "Tourists can now make calls with their friends as well as sharing beauty of Everest's Landscape Through Pictures". As of today's data from the company, there are no plans for replacing the station to a higher attitude because the higher pressure can effect the performance. 

 Whatever the limitations are, this movement is showing how our Technology is extended such that it can expand up to the Great, Mount Everest. Anyhow, now Tourists are much lucky while travelling to have Mount Everest under their feet.