Sunday, September 30, 2012

    Finally it's the time for Google's cleaning procedure. As the firm used to, It's going to shut down some Google Products and Sub products as well as introducing some other quality stuff to Google Users. As they've said, all these changes are enough to boost today's Technology. The list of Google Services going to Shut Down and change is as follows.

  • Adsense For Feeds : Blogger will be not able include Adsense based ads on their Blog's RSS Feeds no more. From October 2nd, Google is going to slow down the feature and the feature will be shut off on December 3rd. Users can use URL's provided by Feedburner and they never need to redirect subscribers to another page.
  • Classic Plus : This feature allows users to upload a specific image as their Google Homepage background. But this feature won't be available from November 2012 as users can't upload photos from October 16th.
  • Google Storage : Hope you'll be using Google Drive, the FREE, and Superb Cloud based File Storage and File Sharing Platform by Google Inc which also provides a free storage of 5 Gigabytes. In order to increase the strength of Google Storage in Picasa and Google Drive, Users will be having 5 GB of total storage for both Picasa and Drive which means if you're purchasing an upgrade of 100 GB, the total memory will be 100 GB instead of adding the previous ones to it. 
  • Spreadsheet Gadgets : This feature for adding special type of widgets to your Google Docs Spreadsheet documents will be moving off as most of popular widgets have been already moved to  Charts In Spreadsheet. And so Spreadsheet Gadgets won't be available from the next year
  • Google will be stopping Google News badges and Recommendation Sections. But still, people can add custom sections to their sites.
  • Insight Search Is Now Google Trends : As Twitter is displaying tweeting trends, every Google user can get data gathering the famous Searches by different criteria like Region, volume etc. in a single place.
  • Places Directory : This is an Android Application used to find places nearby according to the interest of user. But this application won't be functioning as before.
  • +1 Reports in Webmaster Tools : As a part of expanding Google+ to webmasters, they'll be getting data on +1 related activities taking place in the website. And Google also added that users could expect more related to Social Media improvement since it's having a good role in Google Analytics.
In perspectives of Google, all these changes will help users to get a better Google Experience and they could have a better web experience as well. Anyhow, let's see how these things will effect Google