Wednesday, April 25, 2012

  Internet is growing second by second. A number of technologies and ventures are flashing in human brain in each second but a small number is only hitting the success point. and equal  Number of security threats are also forming in Web World. To wipe out insecure websites such to provide a safe and clean internet, Trustworthy Internet Movement (TIM) has started their works. The inability to classify good and bad websites is the main problem faced by most of internet users. And thats what aimed by Trustworthy Internet Movement.
  Trustworthy Internet Movement is to publish a regularly updated list of Good And Bad Website in internet.A survey carried out to launch the group found that more than 52% of sites tested were using versions of security protocols known to be compromised. While the survey was enough to show that the security systems of internet are on slow improvement, security experts and entrepreneurs were forced to start such an Non Profit Organization for secure internet and related services. "We want to stimulate some initiatives and get something done," said TIM's founder Philippe Courtot, serial entrepreneur and chief executive of security firm Qualys. He has bankrolled the group with his own money. 

  The activities of Trustworthy Internet Movement will be initially based on Security Socket Layer Certificates(SSL.) As their survey shown, use of low quality and compromised SSL Certificates are the reason for low security systems. Many websites use SSL to encrypt communications between them and their users. It is used to protect credit card numbers and other valuable data as it travels across the web as you may have noticed while browsing. "SSL is one of the fundamental parts of the internet," said Mr Courtot. So TIM will evaluate how each websites have used their SSL Certificates and how safe they are. 
  Of course the survey is showing the security threats of Internet even we have added those costly SSL Certificates to our website. Let us hope that TIM can bring a safer internet to us.