Saturday, April 14, 2012

  Predictions are sometimes very worst and totally breaking our whole expectations. The same was happened in the case of Titanic which was crashed into an iceberg and sunk to Northern Atlantic Ocean about 100 years back. Whatever may be the reason, Our interest to know more about that sad and strange night has never lost. The National Geographic Specials And Even Films have been used to tell this story. There is specialty for mentioning Titanic because we have only One day left to have Titanic's 100th Anniversary. 

  Why should Google keep silence even after being a Tech Giant ? But now google has introduced it's big answer to us. Google Has Come Up With An Interactive 3D Model Of The Titanic, Allowing You To Take A Tour Of The Ship That Now Sits In The Murky Depths Of The Sea.Google's Lat/Long team has something to Say about it :

    The story of the Titanic has remained with us through the decades. It has inspired books and movies and is memorialized around the world in museums and monuments. Now, despite its depth on the sea floor, you can explore this ill-fated ship from the comfort of your home using Google Earth.

     Using imagery from National Geographic, we've created an updated 3D model of the Titanic. Explore different parts of the ship, from prow to stern by simply searching for “Titanic” in the Google Earth search box.

    By Using Google Earth, You will surely get an experience in such a way that you are exploring the ocean with the likes of James Cameron. Google has also included a video which is demonstrating the power of the 3D model that Google Earth has put together along with essential and deep information about Titanic, Great Ship which fooled so many people.

 Check Out Following Link to download Google Earth if you haven't do so and start exploring the awesome world of Titanic And Northern Atlantic Ocean which has been explored by James Cameron. But the difference is You are with Digital Power And He Was With his willpower. 

Download Google Earth