Friday, April 13, 2012

  Now Facebook is aiming united users. The company has even started the process for making an united identity for each Facebook Account. As a part of this union, the Social Networking Giant will start merging the unique vanity URLs and Facebook email addresses of its users, slightly pushing its email and messaging system in the process.

 Updated Email Addresses and URLs will be rolled out in next few weeks. it will start rolling out notifications to users that haven’t already specified their Facebook email address and vanity URL. If the Facebook user has set up Vanity URLs and Email Service, they don't want to do so. In this Blog Post, Facebook also includes a screenshot of how the mentioned notifications will be displayed. 

  The notification will remind users that Facebook’s messaging system exists and could serve as a way to increase its usage and drive interaction. Still most people are using email services like Gmail, Hotmail for Sending Emails while Facebook and Twitter are for just keeping touch with friends in a real time environment. And its not sure that how could this new feature effect Facebook as a Social Networking Service.

  Facebook Usernames were introduced in 2009 And this feature makes finding people easier apart from Using the Search Bar Or Finding  The Number Of Facebook Account.( like the one, you can add your favourit name after famous URL, .Still if you haven't set up your facebook username, You Can go to Here and set it up.