Monday, April 2, 2012

   Microsoft's own Web Browser, Internet Explorer is now in the way of recovery. Such Internet Explorer is regaining it's market Shares. The growth is showing that Microsoft is at last turning around its fortunes in the software niche. The company had announced in their blog that "March Was A Great Month For IE Team" and the words are absolutely correct now.
     The first is that in the United States, it’s approaching 50% market share on computers running Windows 7. Meanwhile Microsoft is grabbing success and progress in their project of Internet Explorer 9's launch and free distribution. And of course it is being a most used browser as a rival to Mozilla Firefox and Chrome. Exception to other cases, it has been keeping it's stability and popularity at one time. In the last month, Internet Explorer picked up nearly a full point of global market share

 The stabilized growth of Internet Explorer is non other than amazing while other browsers like Mozilla And Chrome is getting a rapid but short peek in their stats. And the journey of IE will be very nice when Internet Explorer 10 is coming to stage along with Windows 8.