Sunday, April 1, 2012

   Happy April Fool ! Hope you have fooled one person or atleast becoming a fool yourself. Anyway its very sure that Internet Giant Google has made a lot people fools. Let us take a look on Google's April Fool Jokes Today. There are about 10 And counting Main April Fool jokes by Google.

First : It was about Google Maps. Google announced that the company is launching 8 Bit Version for their product, Google Maps. And also said it was manufactured especially for Nintendo. And the fun fact that, if you are going to use this service on your PC (Even it is i7) it will show a image like following which will force you to select normal map view.

Second : The next chance was for Google Advanced Search. The team set up Really Advanced Search with bringing some options like “rhyming slang for” and the “this exact word or phrase, whose sum of unicode code points is a mersenne prime.” And there were even the filter options for fonts and "grammatical faux pas". And the funny thing : Whatever you type in those text areas, the final link is to this Page.(Of course the Google Results For "April Fool")

Third : Google Didn't miss Google Chrome to include in their April Fool Jokes. Google launched a Chrome Multitasking Mode today. That was awesome and that page filled your Chrome Windows Tab with full of cursors which will help you to do so many works at one time. 

Fourth : Google announced a Autonomous Car Race in partnership with Nascar to answer the question of “what if you built a self-driving car capable of navigating a track at speeds upwards of 200mph while surrounded by other cars ?". Check Out Google Racing

 Fifth : The fifth one was awesome while Letting us To Change The Weather. You can change the attitude of sky, maximum and minimum temperature and even could make rain. What is this other than superb ? So Go and Change Your Weather with help of this Internet Giant.

 Up Next : Do you think Google will ever forget it's email service ? since the answer is no, there were some jokes about Gmail too. Google launched Gmail Tap by decreasing 26 letters to just two. With Gmail Tap it’s now possible to type without looking and with an option to have two sets of buttons you even type two emails at once! Gmail tap is available now for both iPhone and Android. But you can only download it on April 2nd.

 Seventh : Google has launched a superb feature today which were beyond the dreams until now. The feature is Click To TeleportIt is Chrome extension that allows potential customers to instantly Teleport to a business location directly from a search ad. 

 # Eight : The next one is Google Street Roo which gives you a awesome exploration is Australia among with Kangaroos. Google will be strapping 360-degree head-on cameras to more than a thousand Kangaroos to reveal what its cars can’t.

 Ninth One : A Great Youtube Collection is presented by Google For you. Google will give you all the Youtube videos categorized in nice DVD packets. So get ready to by the set of of Your Youtube Videos. 

 Tenth : Google is announcing GoRo. GoRo aims to fix the problem that 100% of people using rotary phones have, accessing a website. So Google also wants to dominate in Mobile Device Fooling Too. 

 Eleventh : The next is Google Voice For Pets. Google wants to also serve your pets through their Google Voice Service. Google describes this service as following 

  We didn’t just stop there. Voicemails from your pet would be pretty silly if you haven’t been trained how to understand cat or dog. Thankfully, we’ve solved that problem too. We took our voicemail transcription engine and combined it with millions of adorable pet videos from the Internet, training it to understand our furry friends. Now our transcription engine can now translate cat meows or dog growls into English!

 So google is silly sometimes and teasing their users right ? Hope you are fooled by google atleast on time. Are we right ?