Wednesday, April 18, 2012

  Happy News for Blogger who blogs with 'Blogger', Blogging platform from Google. For those who want to monetize their blog posts, Google has Launched a New program that helps Blogger users monetize their blogs through Affiliate Ads. Through this feature, Bloggers do not have to add advertisements inside posts but can now insert text or image links to products and earn a commission on sales through those links.

  Even Blogger was allowing users to add Adsense advertisements in blog homepage, this new service will allow them to get more revenue through ads and affiliate links because those ads are linking the correct phrase of word. For example, if you are writing about a pair of famous sunglasses, you can offer a link to buy that Sunglasses and you will earn a kickback. The program is similar to the affiliate program that is already in place through other resellers like Amazon, but it ties into an AdSense account.

    When you post about a brand or product from a featured advertiser, the Google Affiliate Ads for Blogged widget will help you to display an affiliate ad in your blog, which can be a text link, a product image, or a banner. You may earn commissions when someone clicks on your ads and makes a purchase on the advertiser’s site, going beyond “payment per click” to “payment per action” and extending the influential relationship you have with your audience.

   Anyway its a nice and useful features for Blogger based Bloggers where adding Adsense inside posts are a little difficult. But At this time, only US blogs that are linked to a valid AdSense account and match available ad categories will be eligible for this program. Signing up for an AdSense account does not guarantee that you'll be selected to participate in Google Affiliate Ads for Blogger.