Wednesday, April 4, 2012

   Google is now trying to integrate each other their Social Network Service, Google+ and Blogging Platform, Blogger. As a part of it Blogger had acquired a direct Google+ sharing feature just before. And the second part is coming. Today Blogger Team has announced that They Have Launched Two New Widgets For Blogger Account Owners, allowing them to place a +1 button and a Google+ badge directly on their website.

  Google +1 button is familiar to us because the widget was available rather than as an official widget. The +1 button for blogs is the equivalent of a Facebook like, serving as a way to provide feedback to the writer without having to comment. Once embedded, readers can click the +1 button and will then be asked whether they wish to share the post with their friends or with Wide Web. Still the +1 button hasn't become much popular as of Facebook Like Button. 

  Another widget published by Blogger is Google+ Badge. This widget helps bloggers to embed their Google+ profile link to Blogger and easy to Add them into Circles. Google requires user’s to blog using their real name to utilise their personal Google+ but does say that those who use a nickname can set up a Google+ Page and connect that instead. 

 As many of them know, Google says to follow their steps inorder to install those mentioned widgets in user's Blogger Powered Blogs. Select “Add a Gadget” from the “Layout” tab of Blogger, and select them from the list of gadgets under “Basics”. You’ll need to copy your Google+ ID (personal or Page) to configure the brand badge gadget for your blog. 

  Even the Google +1 Button and Google+ Badge was available from other sources, today's launch sees that google is trying to integrate their social and blogging platform hardly. And hope this also will help bloggers to easily publicize their own content in World Wide Web. And also to help google to develop their Social Networking Platform.