Thursday, April 5, 2012

 What about a device which can read your mind and of course your thoughts ? Happy news that One Of Such Device is live which is being tested on World Famous Scientist, Stephen Hawking who is Already surrounded by machines that allow him, painstakingly, to communicate. 

 The device with a size of a Matchbox is named as iBrain. This device is using the theorem of analyzing the electric waves that forms in our brain while thinking. If the device is getting success, it will be a blessing for Stephen Hawking and Science world as well. The device is invented by a team led by Philip Low, a 32-year-old neuroscientist who is chief executive of NeuroVigil, a company based in San Diego, the iBrain is gaining attention as a possible alternative to expensive sleep labs that use rubber and plastic caps riddled with dozens of electrodes and usually require a patient to stay overnight.

   “The iBrain can collect data in real time in a person’s own bed, or when they’re watching TV, or doing just about anything,” Dr. Low said. Raw waves formed in our brain are hard to read because they must pass through the many folds of the brain and then the skull, so they are interpreted with an algorithm that Dr. Low first created for his Ph.D., earned in 2007 at the University of California, San Diego. He also remarked about Stephen Hawking Experiment that “The idea is to see if Stephen can use his mind to create a consistent and repeatable pattern that a computer can translate into, say, a word or letter or a command for a computer.”

  “We wanted to see if there was any change in the signal,” Dr. Low said. “And in fact, we did see a change in the signal.” NeuroVigil plans to repeat the study in large populations of patients with A.L.S. and other neurodegenerative diseases after testing it in Stephen Hawking as A.L.S Patient of 70 Years Old. Let us hope the device will get success and