Tuesday, April 10, 2012

     Finally, Google's Agent has dominated in China too. The mentioned agent is non other than Android, The Most Famous Mobile Device Platform Developed By Google. According to the latest news, Google’s Android operating system (OS) is now the most popular smartphone platform in China. The analyze is in a period of from the first quarter to fourth quarter of 2011.

    Android’s share of sales more than doubled, according to Analysis, to rise to 68.4 percent from 33.6 percent. And the rise is while Apple has lose it's share 5.7% to 4.1%. And of course Android is now China’s most popular smartphone operating system, taking the top spot from Nokia. Nokia had a share of 18.7% through their Symbian Powered Devices. And the sudden death in Nokia's Symbian Platform is little bit sad.

  While Symbian's Demise is a fact, The dominance of Android is not surprising because the growth is seen in Other countries including India. The Mobile Platform has been providing nice and useful features through it's interconnected systems and also makes companies to manufacture Affordable Devices for users. A device like the iPhone can cost upwards of $790 (RNB 5,000) in China, making other options attractive to many. And there is needless to describe about Android since it is being much familiar to us day by day.