Wednesday, March 7, 2012

     Even the device is going to be released tomorrow,The journey or Rumors never stops. This Tablet will be equipped with an LTE chip providing 4G capabilities on both Verizon and AT&T, reports The Verge. The website also states that they are provided various details about this iPad including Exclusive ones. 

    This device will be entering the stage with variety of LTE network supports of Verizon and AT&T. And also be offered with a hybrid GSM/CDMA chip that will let that model run on other 3G capable networks. So you can access data and communication on the go whether the area has LTE support or not. 

   The Device is reported to get released with more RAM onboard, which would help it to support the larger image files and textures that would come along with the higher resolution Retina display. Instead of a shiny new quad-core A6 processor, however, the device would come equipped with the A5X chip, a dual-core variant of last year’s A5, but with improved graphics capabilities to push the higher screen resolution of the new tablet.

 The rumor has also caught Apple TV Also with this next Generation Tablet PC. This device would support ‘full 1080P’ video streaming and mirroring that would work nicely with the new iPad’s Retina display and the mirroring feature of OS X Mountain Lion. Lets wait and could see how could the Launch of Apple iPad will answer those rumors