Tuesday, March 27, 2012

    We are sure that most visitors of this blog will be fans of Harry Potter Film Or Harry Potter Novel. Of course it is a good news for lovers of Harry Potter Novel Written By J K Rowling.If you are still not able to get the large book of that Novel, you have a solution now. Harry Potter, The Famous Novel, 'Harry Potter' Is Now Available In A Digital Format (E-Book). This digital collection is available through website "Pottermore.com". 

  Even the website is in closed beta stage as homepage says, The E-Store is open for Buissness. The e-books will only be available in English at first, covering the US and UK editions, however the site indicates that French, Italian, German and Spanish editions will follow imminently.

 You can learn more about Device Compatibility and more from Its the Site's FAQ. Pottermore has partnered with following service providers in order to letting us to use those Service's Accounts. 
  • Sony Reader online account (US and Canadian based customers only)
  • Amazon Kindle (Available in most countries)
  • Barnes & Noble Nook (US and Canadian based customers only)
  • Google Play
  The actual Pottermore website with support of computer games, a social network and an online store, is to opened in April but the owning of books can be started today. Its very sure that the website will give the firm a lot of popularity as well as demand. Hope it will lead to a mass digital transform of Total Poetry and making Internet Rich.