Monday, March 26, 2012

    Do you think Auto Complete Feature In Google Search will effect privacy ? Whatever your opinion is Japaneses Court has a negative opinion about Auto Complete search feature and strongly feels its a big threat to Internet User's privacy protection. And Thats Why Japan Court Told Google To Disable Auto Complete Feature in Google Search. 

This court order is based on a complaint by a man who told that Autocomplete Feature is a privacy threat and totally destroyed his career. I think he don't know lots of people will feel suffer by his complaint. The man found out that when a user types in the man's name on Google's search engine, words suggesting criminal acts, which he is unfamiliar with, appear.

   It is this association, the man claims, that saw him lose his job several years ago and has seen him struggle with future employment since. The implications of Autocomplete go beyond the case and could affect others, his lawyer, Hiroyuki Tomita, points out:

  It could lead to irretrievable damage such as a loss of job or bankruptcy just by showing search results that constitute defamation or a violation of the privacy of an individual person or small and medium-sized companies.

  The mentioned Citizen had contacted Google in order to remove those criminal acts that getting attached to his name. But the Company's reply was sad to him because they said that the Autocomplete words are added mechanically and not intentionally. And of course they were not able to remove those objectionable words by sending him a reply like following

     Autocomplete is a feature of Google search that offers predicted searches to help you more quickly find what you’re looking for. These searches are produced by a number of objective factors including popularity of search terms. Google does not determine these terms manually–all of the queries shown in Autocomplete have been typed previously by other Google users.

  Even the Autocomplete feature is helpful to find the result easily by popularity, it is cruel when it is being a reason for such incidents. And hope Google have to remove this feature, as soon as possible