Saturday, March 24, 2012

       The main problem thats making Tech blamed by everyone is the increasing amount of E-Waste and absence of a proper way to recycle technology equipment. Low number of Completely Recyclable Accessories is also making a way for blaming on Technology even it has contributed to current life, in very big amount. 

 But in the case of Computer Keyboards, Now we have a Eco-Friendly Solution - A Bamboo Made, Completely Recyclable, And Rechargable Keyboard - This device is being introduced by iZen. 

   The Bluetooth Powered Wireless keyboard is made of 92% Bamboo. This device is also including a rechargable Lithium ion battery. Charging happens via a USB 2.0 30-pin cable, identical to the ones that you are already using for your iPhone or iPad. And there is needless to say that the device is designed for who hates touch screen typing in their Mobile Devices including iPad, iPod, Android Devices and iPhone And of course all other Personal Computing Devices . 

 The company does make other products, such as a couple of iPad stands and an iPhone case, but the keyboard is its biggest challenge to date. With 21 days left in the campaign, the iZen Bamboo team is about 1/4th of its way to its $18,000 project goal. The device is priced for $99 In their official Website. And you can know more about this in their Website