Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Volunia was discussed as a main topic in tech world when it's development was announced. The main thing for this discussion was that Volunia will be a challenge to Google by Offering "A Different Web Experience". Development of this venture was by Massimo Marchiori who is the co-founder of Google Search's algorithm and design. And so this association was making Volunia a real challenge to Google. I had applied for Volunia sign up when it was announced and i got my account details today. That means Volunia Has Been Launched In It's Public Beta Version. Volunia is a search engine that indexes and maps out the web and then ranks it through a mixture of algorithms and the opinions of visitors. Marchiori alluded to the fact that it was intended to be like GPS for the web — but said it does not use semantic technology.

        The search engine features twelve different languages but addresses the whole world while the expandable hardware is designed to cater for a global user base. Marchiori uses a metaphor. He puts it like this: “You see thanks to Volunia, internet users will finally be able to get out of the web’s cramped cages and have more freedom to scratch about in the web’s endless possibilities”. 
         But Its Not A Real Answer Against Google as reported earlier. First of all its not easy to load. When compared to Google, its take long time to load (In My Slow Connection). They have included a toolbar in top which allows us to select options like Profile, Account, and to Download Volunia Plugin to Google Chrome. This homepage offers a statistics of people who are currently there and a chat service that can be used in each part of website. And there is also a factor that Volunia Gives No Results when we search with famous topics ie. Need For Speed.

Volunia Web Search Results

Volunia Toolbar
     It’s a search engine that lets people talk to each other while they surf around the web. Marchiori was keen to stress that he wasn't trying to take Google on, and intended to simply offer a new way of doing things, but the comparisons will inevitably be made. The idea that social search has not been done is only true if you have a very particular view of what social search is. Google and Yahoo have talked a lot about it over the years. But the reality is that social search is something different today than it was to this previous generation of web companies. Right now, Facebook and Twitter are social search, because they are where people interact. Whatever the theories are, Volunia never deals with a new web experience as mentioned by Massimo Marchiori. And it completely imperfect as a web search engine.