Tuesday, February 7, 2012

    Costumer Service is essential for growth of each company or services. At this moment, we are using various ways for contacting costumers, gathering feedback and also helping them to go on with Products. In last week we had posted about a service Speakpipe which enables costumer contact through free voice messages. 
  Now, the Technology Giant Microsoft is Planning A New Way For Costumer Service Associated with 24/7 Inc. According to mentioned companies, the main purpose for this association is to invent a “the future of customer service.” Actually this association means that Microsoft and 24/7 Inc. will join forces to make Cloud-Based Customer Service much more intuitive. This change will be powered by big data, but also by what are known as natural user interfaces – which go from speech to touch and gesture.

   While 24/7 Inc. brings in its knowledge of leveraging Analytics to improve customer experience, Microsoft will integrate its self-service technology into 24/7′s approach. The agreement also includes a R&D partnership, long-term IP licensing and Microsoft taking an equity stake in 24/7 Inc. As per Zdnet's Report, the partnership will also result in a transfer from Microsoft to 24/7.
        Companies also hope that the change will make an increase in revenues for 24/7 Inc., which expects to generate more than $250 Million annually from its customer service solutions. While Microsoft’s exact equity share of the company wasn’t made public, chances are it will also get a substantial amount of this revenue.  Hope this combination will become a milestone in costumer care services.