Saturday, February 25, 2012

  Some days before Canonical, which is famous of Open Source Operating System Ubuntu had Unveiled Their Plan for building up Another Version of Ubuntu, Ubuntu For Android. As we think, main feature of this version is that the Ubuntu OS will be running on Android smartphones which will use the same kernel as the Linux-based Android OS hence this Version can turn your Mobile Device to an Ubuntu Powered Desktop.

 This version is being designed to be working on Docked Android Devices.Canonical said that Ubuntu will be an ideal companion to powerful Multi-core CPU-equipped phones. The company is looking to target the developing world by turning smartphones into more general computing devices. The Device makes your any Dual Core Device, a Ubuntu Powered Desktop PC when the dock is connected to an monitor. These features makes Ubuntu's words into an real one "In every dual-core phone, there’s a PC trying to get out." This App is giving your Phone a double face. One is of An Ubuntu Powered Smartphone and One Is Of Ubuntu Powered Desktop when its plugged in. Let us have look on it's features. .

Secure Full Featured Web
   This Application will let you to enjoy enjoy a full desktop browser for multi-tab, multi-window web productivity. Ubuntu supports both Chromium and Firefox, the world's fastest browsers, and is naturally resistant to web malware, which is why enterprises and governments are adopting Ubuntu on desktops. You can get a nice web experience through Android Browser and Chromium, Mozilla When plugged into PC.

Unified Contacts
Contacts can't be missed whatever features are included. Both Ubuntu and Android access the same mobile address book. So even when the phone is docked, you can view, edit, call, text or email a contact. You can even check their profiles on Facebook or Twitter.

Messaging And Calls  
Don't Say a Short Break for Messages And Calls even you have connected your Smartphone to PC. You can Read and reply to incoming SMS messages from the desktop, using Ubuntu's message indicator. You can also make and receive calls via the desktop - and you'll be alerted to voicemails so you can manage them while you work.

 And Much More 

 Personal Applications Such As Chromium, Google Calendar, Google Docs, Thunderbird Email Client, Gwibber, VLC Player PiTiVi, Ubuntu Music Player, Ubuntu Photo Gallery,  and Android Dialer are also included in this Ubuntu Version.

Tech Specs

    Ubuntu for Android requires minimal custom hardware enablement, allowing fast and cost-efficient core integration. It requires a core based on Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) or any subsequent version.
   Ubuntu and Android share the same kernel. When docked, the Ubuntu OS boots and runs concurrently with Android. This allows both mobile and desktop functionality to co-exist in different runtimes.
    Shared services and applications are delivered using a Convergence API module which ensures the tight integration between desktop and mobile environments. Work is balanced across the cores of the phone. When the handset is not docked, both CPU cores transfer their full power to Android.

Hardware Requirements
  • Dual-core 1GHz CPU
  • Video acceleration: shared kernel driver with associated X driver; Open GL, ES/EGL
  • Storage: 2GB for OS disk image
  • HDMI: video out with secondary frame buffer device
  • USB host mode
  • 512 MB RAM
 Android Users please be patient and not to be eager to download this version. Canonical has also announced that they will embed this Ubuntu Version in the Manufacturing time. As you have seen the Hardware Requirements, One device which passes the requirement test is now absent. So let us wait for such device also with Ubuntu power.