Saturday, February 25, 2012

 Microsoft's Famous messenger, MSN Live will not be available in Windows 8. Its not a Good Bye for this Multi-Featured service since MSN live is getting a new name, Microsoft Accounts.Which means Microsoft Zune and Live is going to have it's end from start of Windows 8.

     Their main services are being rolled into bundled applications with a native Metro look and simpler names — Mail instead of Windows Live Mail, Photos instead of Windows Live Photo Gallery, and so on. Those feature are much tightly integrated and so you can get an Completely Unified Microsoft Account.

   But Live isn't going away entirely: the name is too strong to take away from Xbox Live and its subsidiary components, and in fact Xbox Live may be coming to Windows as the main entertainment brand — for music, games, and video content. This will replace Zune. And the fact is that Zune has left an indelible mark on Microsoft’s operations, pioneering the look and feel found in Windows Phone 7 and Windows 8.We have to wait till the launch of Windows 8 and to what will have an accordance with this replacement.