Tuesday, February 28, 2012

 Google+ Buttons were part of Google+ when they were trying to implement their presence thus interaction with Websites and Blogs also through publishing of Brand Pages (Google+ Pages). And today's one post says that The Google+ Buttons Are Getting More Features.

  You don't kneed of a second click if you want to share a page/content. When you have +1'd A Page/Content, you can also add commentary as well as sharing it. Through this system, Google+ is aiming at the compactness of sharing content. Till this moment, Google +1 hasn't get a demand as that of Facebook Like Or Facebook Share.

  The next change is in the case of Brand Pages. 'Add to Circles' Button has Changed to 'Follow' so if you are circling a Brand page, it will be added to your Following Circle Normally Or you can change it too. 

You Can Make a personal Google+ Badge Or Icon From Here through some single Clicks. And also do some cool customization. This badge can be also added in a part for getting Google Authorship.

Even the Google+ Pages are growing faster than twitter, Facebook is the king on Pages. And think that those changes will place Google+ Pages into a better place.