Monday, February 27, 2012

  All Announcements of Facebook in Mobile World Congress is related to one and only Open Graph. After Announcing Web App Operating Billing System, Facebook Has Announced A App Ecosystem Where OS Is Not A Matter Meanwhile the Operating System you are using deals effects nothing. 

      Putting things into perspective, the new system makes it exponentially easier for buyers to make the purchases. According to Facebook, the previous system required eight steps on the part of the user, including an SMS verification, in order for a buyer to use the system. The new plan? It has been decreased to 3 Steps when the system is changed to the new one.
   As per the stats, Facebook has 425 million monthly users, according to stats passed on by the company. There are “more than 475 mobile operators” that are deploying and promoting Facebook’s mobile products. Each month, 60 million people are engaging with mobile apps via Facebook for a total of over 320 million interactions.

     If you are a developer who wants to work with it, Facebook is making it exceptionally easy. According to the company, all that will be required from them is to implement the Pay Dialog into their app. Everything else is handled by the carriers and Facebook. The Pay Dialog supports desktop and mobile alike, requires no extended permissions (due to the carrier-based billing) and even supports app-specific currency.