Monday, February 27, 2012

  Swapping between SIMs when traveling abroad is getting much boring and wasting time and money for Mobile users(Mainly Businessmen). International Roaming rates may have going out of border sometimes too. I think Tele-Service Provider AT&T has realized those problems

       The Company Has Announced A New Platform that Offers Global Internet, WiFi, Satellite and Ma Bell Network Coverage Via a Single SIM. This technology also offers worldwide diagnostic, monitoring and alert / response features for management purposes from AT&T Control Center -- backed by Jasper Wireless. 

        Coverage for globetrotters will be provided in more than 200 countries via hundreds of carriers to keep you connected. Glenn Lurie, President of Emerging Segments Adds that  "Lessons learned by market leading manufacturers suggest that a single carrier supplier with a single SIM solution is often preferred over working directly with multiple regional wireless carriers." Hope this system will be migrated to other Countries too soon.