Wednesday, February 29, 2012

  Yesterday in MWC, Spanish telco Telefónica had launched a service called 'Dual Persona' which is going to be launched soon. Dual Persona is a service which enables you to Make Two Interfaces- Business and Personal- on your Smartphone. Those two interfaces can be used at same time as the name symbolizes. 

    Dual Persona creates two interfaces on your mobile phone – a corporate one, controlled by your employer, and a private one, which your company can’t access. 60 % Of corporate companies are now allowing employees to bring and use their Smartphones and Tablet PCs for work-related activities, as the part of trend known as BYOD – ‘Bring Your Own Device’. But this system may be comfortable for all workers as well as more useful.

       The influence of Dual Persona can be perfectly seen in these type of situations. When 'Dual Persona' is there in that employee's Smartphone, he could split his device to two equal parts for Business and Personal Each. Personal Interface will be controlled by the user as well as the other Interface will be under control of Cloud Server of that Corporate Company which makes an Encrypted and Isolated Connection.
        Thus Employee can get Business and Personal notification at same even those are in different interfaces. While the service is commercialized as Telefónica Dual Persona service and its part of the telco's Cloud Computing offering, it is powered by the cloud solutions provider VMWare.

Dual Persona's Actual Concept
  The aim of Two companies are non other than IT Corporates where Dual Persona can perform as a medicine against headache of companies for providing their team a better Mobile Workshop.Pricing and countries where the service will first launch remain to be confirmed. hope that Samsung Galaxy S III Will be the primary device with this service. According to Telefónica and VMWare, Samsung is expected to offer service compatibility with all of its devices in the coming months. As for platforms, Dual Persona is currently compatible with Android only.