Tuesday, February 28, 2012

        Putting E-Mail links (Eg. mailto:click4technews@gmail.com) in websites and blogs are little bit interrupting for our users. Because this link forces your Email Client to pop up(In Most Its Microsoft Office Outlook). But till now there is a solution. If My users have a Chrome Web Browser and Gmail ID Integrated with it, they can mail me through a simple click. 

    Today Official Gmail Blog has Announced This Feature Which Works With The Magic Of HTML5. Now, when you go to Gmail in Chrome, you will be asked if you want Gmail to open all email links. Say yes, and clicking on email links in any application on your computer will open a Gmail compose window.

  This feature is a blessing for Web developers to drop email links in websites as well as users to easily compose mail through a Favorited E-Mail Service (Only Applicable For Gmail). But presence of other mail services makes the contact forms to exist.