Sunday, January 8, 2012

 You are probably known about Wi-Fi and most of us are using it. But this post is about "Wi-Di" which is word unfamiliar to us. Wi-Di (Wireless Display)  is the technology found by Intel which allows you to Display one content in two or more screens, So you can clone display into TV's and like LCD Screens. And its a nice useful technology which would be present in Next Generation Computers. Currently this technology needs an external adapter but now intel is moving through a different way.

      The latest news says that Intel has started collaborating Wi-Di technology with chip venders like Cavium, Mstar Semiconductor, Sigma Designs, Realtek, and Wondermedia. This move is for including this technology in TVs, set-top boxes and "other home consumer electronic devices. So you are able to expect Smart TVs, and HDTVs including Wi-Di