Sunday, January 22, 2012

              I am sure that Rajnikanth lovers will also love this post. We want internet connection to view each website and enjoy services. But its the way of exceptions  the website which is dedicated to Rajnikanth (Tamil Super Star) is quite brilliant and different. Most interesting factor is the Website Doesn't Require Internet Connection. 

        Its the website which makes an excitement in most (May be all) of viewers. This is happening through the fastest storage (Copying) of data. And the website tells first to turn off internet connection and if we have done, it will start displaying the major website. This website is done through flash. When we log on to the website the site data gets transferred to our computer and thats working when we disconnect internet. This website is a venture of Desimartni. Since superstar Rajnikanth has shown an extraordinary acting career and so the website about him have to be extra and extra ordinary Right ?