Saturday, January 21, 2012

         Notion Ink, a Hyderabad (India) based company had announced a tablet computer, 'Adam' on last 2010. This tablet was even considered as a rebel to Apple's i-pad. Presence of this device on media never helped Adam to exist on market. But a second generation Adam tablet named 'Adam II' is getting ready behind the stage.

Adam II Tablet
             Some details about this device has been published on Notion Ink's post even it is under development. Adam II never can be considered as a regular Second Generation device since it has some severe changes and great features. As per their report, Notion Ink has partnered with Texas Instruments (TI) Incorporated for its next generation Adam II Tablets. Adam II will be using OMAP44XX processor along with other TI components like Wi-Link 7.0 (Bluetooth,GPS,FM,Wi-Fi are combined in this single chip) and Phoenix Audio Power Amplifiers. Adam II will also leverage the power optimizations achieved using mature combination of TI's integrated power-management IC. "Power VR SGX5xx GPU" will be also included in this device so the device can perform with more energy efficiency and low power consumption.

  This tablet is expected to be running on Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android v4.0). And it will perform great when its combined with Notion Ink's Modular Based Software Architecture. As per company's words, Adam II is able to be converted to smart devices such as a Logic Analyzer, Medical Imaging Equipment, and also a 3D Modeling instrument. 

      As per Notion Ink's post, Their Modular Based Software Architecture will further expand the scope of application development and use nearly every single hardware feature in a "user customizable" application. Drag and drop features will enable easy application modification and Open Source Module will further expand the use cases and tablet deployment. Tech Specs of this device has been published in Notion Ink's Official Website. But company still keeps silence in the case of revealing release date or price.