Monday, January 30, 2012

   Its a post for bloggers. We are using different way to meet our viewers and gather some feedback and suggestions from them. This nice service is named 'SpeakPipe'. It can be used as a new and different way to contact with your viewers. Using this, you can simply install this app on your blog and receive voice messages from them. 

    As said before, installing VoicePipe is much easier. There is no need for HTML coding knowledge to set it up. after signing up, you can easily install on Blogger, Wordpress Etc. Blogging services. After installing this widget on blog, you may move to your inbox and check whether voice messages from viewers are waiting or not. A button like given right will display on right side of your blog and visitors need only Adobe Flash Player to send you free voice messages. Users can record and listen to the message before sending it to you, and it can’t be heared only by you, the admin.

      This service is in public beta version and its offered Free. But we will have to pay for this service when it is publicly launched. Its a variety of contacting method when comparing to our usual ways to get in contact with visitors.
SpeakPipe Inbox