Wednesday, January 11, 2012

          The battery backup of mobile devices are very important at this moment because most of us are using various mobile devices. Lots of features like Touch Screen, GPS, and more are waiting to enter each Mobile device those gonna be launched. Those features are a curse to the battery backup. Batteries of most devices will become empty in the evening even we have re-charged completely in the morning. Some phones are also consuming battery life if its also Switched Off. 

           But here is a solution. Great CES has also became to blessed stage for this solution. The latest Mobile device by Spareone has been made CES much rocking with its 15 Years of battery backup. Isn't it interesting ? i am sure that the answer will be yes. Batteries mainly used in Clocks, Pen torch are used as the source of this infinite energy. Company states that the Single Standard AA Batteries are making their gadget, most energy efficient phone in world through this battery backup and 10 hours of Talktime. Components like charger is not required for this device since its using AA batteries. An emergency torchlight is also included with this phone. So it can be used as a emergency calling device which never faces a battery loss. Please not a thing, standard features like Screen,SMS aren't available in this 'Sparephone' It remains as a Spare Phone sometimes. Its more interesting when we analyze it's rate, $50 so cheap when compared to other smartphones. And there is also a chance for getting this spare phone as a gift with superb smartphones.