Monday, January 2, 2012

Viruses are always making problems in our PCs and some web pages also. Japan has now started developing a new 'Virus' but this is virus is going to harm your PCs or web pages no more because its for hackers and against the phishing and such works. Actually this 'virus' is for Tracking Out The Source Of Hacking
                     As per the Report of Times Of India the weapon is the culmination of a $2.3 million three year project entrusted by the government to technology maker Fujitsu Ltd to develop a virus and equipment to monitor and analyse attacks, the Yomiuri Shimbun daily reported on Sunday.The 'virus' is still being tested in a 'closed environment' because the researchers are thinking about where this virus can be applied without any problems and perfectly. In the last October, Japanese computers became the victims of hacking through some emails which were based on some Chinese servers.  All Governments are searching and using different types of ways for defensing cyber crimes and hope this 'Virus' will be a solution for all this and a big harm to hackers.