Wednesday, January 25, 2012

        The latest report states that Indian Government and ministers are never interested in blocking websites and making internet a big waste even for sometime. Milind Deora, who is India’s minister of state for communications and information technology, today revealed that the government doesn't want to block the sites or censor media, that’s despite a Delhi court warning Web companies that they would face Chinese-style censorship. Minister told Wall Street journal that 
     "We don’t want to get into the business of censoring any media – we can’t do it, and we don’t want to. No one is saying we’re going to shut any of these companies down."
       Milind Deora also added that Government is in the way for developing a system which would help to remove content where they finds some objectionable content, and those content will be removed automatically. Actually this incident is making this firm much confused by letting users doubt whether websites will be shut down or not. . .