Thursday, January 26, 2012

      Happy news for teens. Google+ is now open for teens 13 & up. This news has been noticed by a a post from Google’s VP, Product Management, Bradley Horowitz. This change can be considered as the part of competition against Facebook which demands atleast age of 13 for a Facebook account. The announcement was made alongside news of a few new safety enhancements to the service specifically for teens, including those that focus on sharing content, hangouts (video chat) and notifications.

         Such that there are some limitations in Google+ if you are a teen. Google+ puts limits on its video chatting feature called Google+ Hangouts when used by teens. If a stranger (someone outside the teens’ circle) joins a hangout, Google will temporarily remove the teen from the hangout by muting the mic and video feed. It’s interesting that it wouldn't just remove the stranger, or perhaps remove strangers ability to even join hangouts in progress, when posted by teens.

       Notifications are also being restricted, so that only those in teens’ circles can contact them via IM, and blocking is easily accessible. This feature is not all that different than how chat operates by default for adults, to be fair.

          It should be noted that not all countries have the same age restrictions, however. In Spain and South Korea, the age limit is 14 and up, while in the Netherlands, it’s 16 and up. Whatever the limitations are, let us see which types of changes will be made in Google+ in a small period after allowing teens