Thursday, January 26, 2012

    Its about an iPhone app named Shoebox which is developed by a famous photo hosting website, 1000memories which was announced a few months ago. This app is very useful since it allows us to Save Our Photographs into Digital Shoeboxes In Web and make it safe for future. Thats why this app got this name. There is no need of talk that the app is useful and popular. 

         Now 1000memories has announced its official Timeline integration, which lets you add the original date a specific item or photo was taken, and it will share it to Facebook with that date intact. When Listening to Ruby Adler, the co-founder of 1000memories. 
" It’s easy to forget that Facebook is only 7 years old, which means most of our photos and memories are not online yet. The introduction of Facebook Timeline has made clear the huge gaps in our life stories – most obviously from our birth dates to the invention of Facebook in 2004. We built ShoeBox to finally get these photos from our past out of the closet and online where they can be enjoyed by everyone. "
    Its very easy to upload your old memories into Shoebox and make it safe and also talking about it in Facebook if you have Shoebox app installed in your iOS device. If you have scanned and uploaded your photo with its details, this app will place those photos in correct place as per the date. As Facebook starts approving new applications and actions for Open Graph, we’ll be seeing more apps taking advantage of everything that Timeline has to offer. So you can also fill the gaps in your Facebook timeline through using this app.