Monday, January 23, 2012

       Sorry for you (And me) if you are a regular user of FileSonic for sharing files. If you want to save your files on FileSonic its never possible from right now. So sad to tell that FileSonic Has Stopped Their File Sharing Service and it can be only accessed for keeping your own personal files and never for public file sharing. This ridiculous act is after the shut down of popular file sharing service, Megaupload.The company, which lists corporate offices in Hong Kong and the U.K., ran a banner on the front page of its website saying: "All sharing functionality on FileSonic is now disabled. Our service can only be used to upload and retrieve files that you have uploaded personally.

        FileSonic was offering a free service that allows users to upload up to 10 GB of data for up to 30 days and throttles the speed at which the material can be uploaded or downloaded. Its subscription service, which starts at $9 per month, lets users upload unlimited files up to 5 GB in size with no time limits or speed throttling. The company says on its website that it has a "zero tolerance" policy for copyright infringement and says it will promptly respond to complaints made under the U.S. Digital Millennium Copyright Act. The anti-piracy law sets guidelines for service providers and copyright holders. 
                   What the hell is this ? we don't understand the factor which forces these popular companies to shut down their much popular services. Will we get pure internet through this rough shut down or a internet with no nice services ?