Wednesday, January 18, 2012

In September At F8, Facebook had announced about partnership with some new companies like, Airbnb, Path, Ticketmaster, Payvment, Causes and 30 others all said they were onboard to produce apps allowing users to share when they “traveled”, “purchased” something online, “donated” to a charity, and other activity. After about 4 months, this system is going to be applied in Facebook
      The new apps behave similarly to the “read,” “listen” and “watch” Open Graph applications that have already rolled out in the past few months, which include the Washington Post, Spotify and Hulu. So every time your friends read an article or listen to a song, you might now learn about it on Facebook, and possibly even join them in reading or listening at the same time.

              There is an example. If i am taking a charity application, I could install the Open Graph app, opting in to giving it persistent permission to publish to my Timeline. Then whenever I take an action, such donating to a charity through the app, It will publish “ __________ donated to __________” to my Timeline and to the home page Ticker and news feed where my friends will see it. My friends can then click though to install the app themselves. Most of this partnered companies are secret. Even, Here is a list.

*  Payvment
*  GiftRocket
*  Oodle
*  ArtFinder
*  EventBrite
*  Ticketmaster
*  Stubhub
*  FundRazr
*  Causes
*  Airbnb
*  Color
*  Path
*  Buzzfeed
*  RockMelt
*  Disqus
*  StackExchange
*  BranchOut
*  Monster’s BeKnown
*  Yummly recipes
*  Grockit online learning 

      Let us see how will this change, effect Facebook in number of users and popularity And also in their income.