Wednesday, January 18, 2012

 Hashtags are now very much popular due to its presence and importance in Participation in such Twitter conversations. Now Messina is at Google Plus and they are adopting some Hashtags concepts for Google + Social Networking. Today, the company released a Auto complete feature for Hashtags meanwhile the server automatically completes when you put a #(Hash) in front of some and starts typing. This feature is very helpful since its avoids spelling mistakes in Hashtags and also problems due to wrong Hashtags too. And i think you will be able to choose most suitable and popular Hashtags for your conversation (Google can do it much easier !). Listen Chris Messina's words in Google Plus 
"From current events (#SOPA) to the arts (#MonochromeMonday and all those photo tags [1]), +#hashtags are a great way to build communities around content on Google+.
We want to make it even easier to use and discover hashtags, so today we’re rolling out a new auto-complete feature. Now when you start typing a hashtag in a post or comment, Google+ will present a list of hashtags you might be looking for.
Less hashing, more tagging, that’s what we say! Give it a try, and let us know what you think!"
       As said Hashtags is now the rulers of internet now. If you are using a hash tag with your conversation, it will be easier to find that conversation who likes that type of. And so Google plus is trying to commercialize and make searches easier through this latest move. Okay then lets start hash tagging.