Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Google is always tight in the case of policies, terms and conditions thats why me and my friends had to wait months and months to get approving Adsense account and keep going with that account. And Google's policies are very famous also. But Now it has been facing some major problems and as a first of this Google has been caught an SEO spam.
       It has been seen that Google has started paying bloggers for writing about chrome and violated it's own Paid Link Policy. If google taking action against this violation, google Chrome's download should be removed from the google search engine results in a month or in a year. Google or its advertising firm Unruly has sponsored bloggers to discuss its browser and include a “Chrome for small businesses” promo video, as first published by SEO Book. Some of these posts purport to be reviews of Chrome and how it aids merchants. In reality, they provide no details on Chrome features or how the browser can actually benefit small businesses. Anyway Let Us See What Are The Circumstances ?