Wednesday, January 25, 2012

 Some months before there were a rumor that One of the biggest hacking group, anonymous is going to kill Facebook by hacking and accessing all data. That rumor had severely effected Facebook user's mind to think about their security and doubt whether Facebook exist or not. In last Monday, a Youtube video also had made an storm like rumor that Facebook is going to be hacked by anonymous hackers on January 28.

                   But as a happy news for Facebook lovers, Anonymous group have published  that "Anonymous will not attack Facebook" through their twitter accounts (This account is considered as authorized one). This news was appeared in twitter accounts @AnonOps. And those published tweets have stated that mentioned Youtube video is just imaginary and Anonymous never have a plan to attack Facebook. Whatever the anonymous's plan is, i am not much happy because there was a hacking at my friend's Facebook account and it was named, First One Hackers