Monday, January 23, 2012

   Aakash Tablet which made a storm in tech world is now facing some problems. Association of Indian Mobile device manufactures, Indian Cellular Association(ICA). ICA Has said that Datawind has been using quality less components and old technologies and Aakash tablet is poor in the case of features.
          ICA has also remarked that Indian Government should give these type of projects to international companies like Nokia, Samsung or Indian IT Companies if Government want to keep brand, IP and right only for India in their letter to Indian Human Resource Department. As per their words,  It has demanded the partners have a minimum turnover of Rs 500 crore, net worth of Rs 100 crore and a service network of at least 200 points across the country.

              And Datawind has strongly replied to this firm. Suneet Singh Tuli, CEO of Datawind, said, “The cheapest tablets made by ICA members are not less than Rs 15,000. Why did they not compete in the tender floated by IIT Rajasthan? They are most welcome to participate in the forthcoming tenders. Their tablet products don’t serve 97 per cent of the Indian mass market. Ten months after the project was signed, they are now finding fault.” As said by Suneet Singh, Datawind has won the tender held under IIT Rajasthan and has already supplied about 10000 pieces of Aakash tablet too. Whatever the other sides is, It can be considered as a semi-severe problem to Datawind And Aakash.