Friday, December 23, 2011

                                        First i have to say (Don't completely believe the heading) the gadget that i am going to tell about is not a toy. Anyway i am here to tell you about a computer which is cost only $25 (Worth is not $25). As i said in the heading, this computer is aiming at children. This computer is the venture of "Raspberry Pi" which is working under a charity organisation making it's head at Cambridge. And it is to making children aware about computer programming and lot more computer systems. David Braben who is working on this project said to BBC that the new gadget is aiming school students.

         This computer is working on a Linux based OS. ARM processors seen in mobile devices are the core of these devices. If the hardware, software tests are completed, the Raspberry devices will be able to get launched in Britain on next January. You should have to connect this small computer to a keyboard and TV to use this.
                            All activities done in personal computers are also available such as Spreadsheets, Word processing, Gaming, HD Video Playback. Pi-Computer, working in 700 MHz will use SD cards for storing data. Python will be used as the main programming language. Two varieties for this computer is available - one costs $25 and another costs $35. The first one costs $25 has only one USB port and it hasn't also Ethernet connectivity. Second one includes two USB ports as well as connectivity.  Raspberry team say that " they want to see this computer, as a weapon of programming for students. ". And its a milestone in the history of computing and hope that it will become the future of computing. Anyway i am also waiting for Pi Computers
Circute Images Published By Raspberry Pi