Friday, December 23, 2011

The virus which appeared last month in facebook
 when user's clicked on that link they'll be redirected to this link

  In normal look you can't see anything,some of our friends who are really eager to see the video click on the download plugin link. If the user clicks on the download plugin button the user will get the suitable extension(bad for our PC's)

*  If the user using a chrome browser he will get a chrome extension  : youtube4.crx
*  If the user use firefox he'll get a firefox extension                               :  youtube1.xpi
*  In order to secure from this account don't click on the link
*  If you think you'r accout is attacked by this virus Check

 For all those interested in removing the malware

 -- Chrome users:

 1. Open a new tab; copy & paste the following in your address-bar


 2. Search for the extension named 'Extension YouTube' and remove it.

--- Firefox users:

 1. Press CTRL-SHIFT-A and click on extensions.

 2. Search for the extension named 'Youtube extension' and remove it.