Sunday, November 20, 2011 A Synonym For Search Engine ?
 After the revolutionary perfomance and launching of SIRI , SRI International is again stepping up to the tech world through the awesome carpet of Artificial Intelligence. And as the part of this work they have published their new website which is known as Trap!t. But this work is little bit different but also competing with the power of Artificial Intelligence. As they have said in with their brand name, you can rule the web with rich and much useful personalisation of web and its services. Actually we can view Trapit as an other variance of web search engine but here the searching has become more personalized cum analyzed according to the user's likes and unlike. In Trapit our favourits are called traps and we could select traps which we want. we have seen other web personalizing websites but Trapit is quite different because of its only talent of Artificial Intelligence.
                                       Here all contents are viewed as graphics while other websites are only giving us links. In most of the search engines, if we want to know about siri , it will display lots of contents But in the case of Trapit, its algorithm will observe and analyze the page and search for the presence of the word and content which we have given to search and here comes the main difference between usual web surfing and Trapit. Using Trapit will allow us to make featured traps, like articles , bookmark articles and lot more by using the technology Artificial Intelligence. And the data which is provided by Trapit has marked as honest and reliable because they have selected lot of reliable websites for gaining data for Trapit. And Trapit has been considered as a challenge to Google mainly because of its extra, artificial intelligence. Now Trapit is only available in WEB but SRI International has announced that they would release the iOS, Android apps for Trapit from the start of next year.