Monday, November 21, 2011

       Another Challenge From The Marchiori 
Massimo Marchiori & Tim Berners Lee
          In the last days we had much heard about SRI international's latest and revolutionary invention SIRI and this is considered as a challenge to Google Search Engine. And now i think its the bad time for Google Search. What will happen if the company and the founder of algorithm competes each other ? this type of competition is being done between Google Search & Marchiori's upcoming search engine. Marchiori is very famous in the web world through his all contributions to World Wide Web and as the developer of Google Search's algorithm. He is an Italian computer scientist and mathematician. And the news is quite shocking because the quarrel lies between the "Developer of the Google Search" And "Google Search". 
                                             This news was published in as a video and this video was also published in YouTube. and if you want to use the trial version of this search as a power user you can do it in seconds. All you have to do is just sign up Here And this search engine is expected to be available in 12 different languages and keeping a quite different base theme when compared to other famous search engines [Mainly Google]. And Massimo Marchiori states that the upcoming search engine will keep a different variance in attitude for bringing results and clear the usual history of useless search results. And this engine is expected to be launched in the last of 2011. 

Massimo Marchiori
Massimo Marchiori is a famous Italian mathematician and a computer scientist who had made his worthy contributions to the development of World Wide Web [WWW] and Google Search's Algorithm development. And still he is a member of the board of Tim Berners Lee's World Wide Web Consortium [ W3C ] , And he has worked in the Platform For Privacy Preferences [ P3P ]. And as the developer of Google Search's Algorithm This Invention is seen as a big challenge to Google Search