Monday, November 28, 2011

      SIRI As A Car Starter

                Artificial intelligence was introduced to the tech world with SIRI from Apple i phone 4s. And some useful services such as weather checking, web services, and like a personal assistant was making SIRI a little bit more than a reminder software.
       But its becoming more useful when SIRI can start your car if you are nicely requesting to SIRI to do it. Developer Brandon Fiquett is behind this little hack, and boy what a hack it is. Building off the same Siri Proxy server that allowed @plamoni to control a thermostat over WiFi, Fiquett created a plugin that interacts with a PHP script that lives on his own webserver. That PHP script allows Fiquett to send commands to any (registered) car with a Viper SmartStart system, which in this case means his silver Acura TL. 
                 And this result of this experiment is interesting when the developer was able to start his Acura car with SIRI and lock its doors and triggering car's alarm. And i think here is the need of telling this invention is awesome.