Sunday, September 4, 2011

            EYES ON THE SOLAR SYSTEM                                                           

                NASA Has introduced their new application which lets the viewers to explore the indescribable world of world, the SOLAR SYSTEM. This application is named as "Eyes On The Solar System". Its sure that application will explore the Everest of popularity.                                                                                                         This application helps us to view the solar system in 2D or 3D. This application is letting common people to explore the marvelous beauty of solar system. This application converts our browser screen into a display screen of a satellite. Here we can see the whole solar system  with all the projects by NASA such as voyager. Actually NASA is exhibiting their current and imagined data collection through this application. We can access original data from 1950 and imagined results till 2050.  We can also know the movement of 'Juno' which had arrived the solar system on August 5
                                         This application is developed by Jet Propulsion Laboratary Of 'NASA'. This application only requires a small and free plugin from the website of NASA. We can select either 3D OR 2D View. But the developers prefer to wear red-cyan glasses when using 3D view. 

Click HERE To Explore the Marvelous world of Solar System