Saturday, September 3, 2011

A few months later we may be able to say that "the mobile towers are non-essential parts for mobile communication. ".  The brand new technology on mobile communication will let us say like this.
                                                                The mobile technology wouldn't require towers when the research during in Adelaide university {Australia} becomes completes. The earthquake in Haiti made a serious doubt in scientists that " Mobile technology based on infrastructure may fall down ? ".This doubt inspired scientists to start development of a rebel technology. And the team leader of the research Paul Gadner Stephen says that "This technology will be published for public approximately in 12 months"
                                                                                             This technology is working mainly based on a virtual network between mobile devices. so that this technology doesn't require towers. If the technology is successful , It will help us to escape from big and dangerous radiations that emits from mobile towers. 
                                 "This is a opensource software. so public corporation is required for the development and success of this software." - Paul Gadner Stephen