Friday, August 5, 2011

The usage of google + makes this dangerous doubt.  google plus is making great runs for geting the place for the world;s favourit social network , by biting the facebook and twitter one by one. The social network published by google named 'Orkut' was a small one when it was compared to the facebook and the twitter in the basis of number of visiters and the visitors comments.
                                                              And it is the final movement from google to become the owner of world's favourit and famous social networking site. And the news on the Google plus shows that the number of visiters and the number of members of google+  are increasing day by day. Now, google + has been aged 1 month from starting. And the number of visiters is "25 millions" according to the internet traffic and the comscore. And google plus also has announced their mobile version much sooner. And let us check some history, The social networking site facebook was needed 30 months to get 25 millions to their website. and the twitter was also needed that much of time. According to these records we have to really doubt that facebook may fall down infront of the "Google+"

You can download google plus app for android from "Here"